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(14 hr 25 min ago)
Category: Other

So tired...
To start with, I am in my 30's, have a nice house, adorable dog, a swimming pool, decent job, and a nice vase of freshly cut daisies near my computer that I bought from walmart for $2. I am also a transsexual that has not had surgeries, is not out at... More
(2 day 14 hr ago)
Category: Other

A feeling of sadness.
I just want to vent out my feelings here, at least no one would judge me here and if you did I wouldn't know. I am experiencing financial problems right now. It is a very difficult situation to go through and it makes you feel that money is the answe... More
(2 day 15 hr ago)
Category: Other

I just need someone's help to get myself back on track
its a big big story...I just wanna say my present situation...
- on one hand my best best best friend expired n I cant accept it.
-on the other, im the college student Secretary n hav loads n loads of work...unfortunately my friends within our st... More
(6 day 11 hr ago)
Category: Hatred

Why am I hating my life?
I'm feeling frustrated. It feels like nothing is going right in my life. I hate this battle with depression. Do you know what it feels like? It makes you feel paralyze and you can't move until you are used to in the dark alone. I just don't want to m... More
(2 week 2 day ago)
Category: Fear

Young children
Is it weird I have a fear of babies?... More
(3 week 4 day ago)
Category: Sins

Money matters more than love
I loved a girl she also loved me but her parents refuse to accept our relationship why just because we are not financially that strong .I could have been financial stronger than them if my parents never separated .If they got separated what is my fau... More
(3 week 4 day ago)
Category: Wishes

My biggest regret in my short life. My dad was in his deathbed never fully conscious. He was always deep asleep. Three days. That's all it took for him to pass away. It was around 8 o'clock on a Tuesday evening. I was in my room watching tv. My famil... More
(3 week 5 day ago)
Category: Love

Miss you Baba!
Sometimes..you think yourself as a mishappening..you wish you could trade your life with his..miss you baba..if I knew you would die two days aftr I was born..I would have wanted to die..on my birth..apki bht yaad aati hai..sachi..itne time se bs rok... More
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