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Category: Fear

Is she really my friend?
I have a "friend", but is she really my friend? Every morning we have 1st period together and I don't know anyone in the class that wants to work with me, but when we work together at first shes like..like a baby! Like legit!!! Shes always like "goo ... More
(2 week 4 day ago)
Category: Other

self esteem issues
Today I was called ugly even though I have a low self esteem I still can look at my self and think I'm beautiful ALOT of people like me and I'm nice to every one but I might not have the biggsst butt or boobs or anything but my heart is made of gold.... More
(1 month ago)
Category: Other

This is who I'm
I wish I'm the only one who lives in this planet.. Because I'm the only one who could handle myself.. who could tolerate me.. i know I'm mean.. I'm selfish.. with lots of angerness.. but what to do.. this is who i am.. :( i tried to change myself.. i... More
(1 month 3 week ago)
Category: Other

I feel like no one ever understands me...
Sometimes my younger brother and I get into arguments, where we argue over the stupidest things like just lowering the tv volume because I'm trying to do my homework. my brother, who is 4 years younger than me always says things to try and get me ann... More
(2 month ago)
Category: Other

It's not easy been me
it's not easy to be me
i'm just out to find better part of me
i wish that i could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
about a home i;ve never seen
It's not easy to be me... More
(2 month 1 week ago)
Category: Hatred

I'm a 14 year old girl and I just can't understand why my classmates are so ... bad! We have a girl in our class that is homosexual and the boys always make fun of her and ask her if she's crazy. They are always on their phones during classes and the... More
(2 month 2 week ago)
Category: Other

Story of Us
I want to write about two things happening in my life right now. Firstly my studies, graduation and future career and secondly my complicated love life.
... More
(2 month 3 week ago)
Category: Love

I was in relationship from last 5 years... i was n m preparing for government services.... bt unfortunately i cant able to crack any xm... my girlfrien is also very cooperating... she loved me she cared me a lots... bt due to unemployement her family... More
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