(8 year ago)
Category: Pride

I am proud to be who I am
I am proud to be who I am regardless of whatever labels people care to put on me. These are only words and do not actually represent who I am as a complete human being. I am proud of the experiences that I have gone through; from the euphoria of winn... More
(8 year 2 month ago)
Category: Pride

I am proud that I graduated from college
Not because the coursework was difficult, and hard work for me, but simply because I hated school. I hated it with a passion. But, I didn't let myself withdraw from school (as much as I wanted to) and I finished and got a degree.... More
(8 year 3 month ago)
Category: Pride

Go sis, go!
I am extremely proud of my younger sister for losing 13 pounds already and she is working very hard at it!!!... More
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